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Epotec is a pool waterproofing paint which is widely used in Olympic pools, residential pools, commercial pools, community pools, thermal pools and spas. This is an epoxy paint Sydney which has proved its worth in waterproofing the inner walls of concrete swimming pools, fiberglass swimming pools and other kinds of swimming pools. The swimming pool water needs to be prevented from damaging the structure of the pool and the epotec pool paint fulfills this function by providing efficient waterproofing. Swimming pool water is usually loaded with chemicals for purification but the epotec paint remains unaffected by such chemicals. Epotec is a high build coating which comes in the form of a resin and a hardener. When the two are mixed, a chemical reaction ensues which forms a high strength coating.

Why it is used?

The main epoxy paint uses Sydney is waterproofing. Let us take the example of a concrete swimming pool. A concrete swimming pool has steel reinforcements in its structure which is necessary for its overall stability. If the pool water is soaked by the surface of the inner walls of the swimming pool, it reaches the steel reinforcements. Exposure to water causes the steel reinforcements to corrode and collapse leading to costly repairs. Epotec epoxy paint for concrete Sydney is applied over the surface of the inner walls of a concrete swimming pool. This concrete swimming pool coating Sydney forms an impediment to the passage of water through the concrete surface. Consequently, the steel reinforcements are protected against water damage at all times. Epotec paint does not detach from the concrete surface unlike tiles, has a smooth surface unlike rendered finish and can last for 7-14 years. These advantages are the reasons why people are using epotec for waterproofing after new concrete swimming pool construction Sydney.

Another example is fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool. Epotec can be used during fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool repair Sydney. Repairs are required when the fiberglass lining either becomes detached from the concrete surface of the swimming pool or is damaged or worn out.

What colours are available?

Epotec epoxy paint comes in a range of colours. The different kinds of colours include white, glacier white, opal, chamois, slate grey, whisper grey, black, pale glade, royal blue, dark blue, light blue, and mid blue. Apart from standard colours, epotec paint is also available in other non standard colours specifically manufactured according to the client’s requirements.

Epotec coating may acquire a yellowish tinge over a period of time. Therefore, light colour is recommended. The paint colour can be also be selected on the basis of the colour of the surroundings of the pool such as vegetations, pavers, tiles, etc. Some people want to match the colour of the pool with the surroundings while some want a contrasting colour for the pool.


A warranty of 5 years is offered on epotec epoxy paint coating. The epotec paint lasts long and gives the best performance if the paint coating is applied properly according to guidelines and the pool water is maintained at the recommended conditions.



Thus, epotec epoxy paint can be used to replace other kinds of waterproof finishing used in swimming pools.


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