new life for your pool


“EP FP” (those colours available in both optoins fluoropolymer and high build epoxy.

“FP only” (Available only in fluoropolymer)

These are our standard colours. We can produce non-standard colours, please contact us for details. Black and White are also available. You can also specify any Australian Standard colour and we will match very close for no additional charge. 

These colours are approximate only, and actual colours will be different in intensity and shade. This is due to the limitations of the computer screen you are viewing and when in the pool. In the empty pool, the internal reflections will intensify the colours. When the pool is full, it will reflect the colours of the sky, turning even dark greys to a blue colour.

To gain an idea of how a colour looks in real life, click over the colour square, and it will take you to pools painted in that colour.

Colour Selection

  • When selecting a colour for your pool, there is quite a range. However, some guidelines may assist you in gaining the right colour:
  • You may like it to blend in or contrast with colours around your pool, such as a tile line, pavers, vegetation. See the Project Gallery to give you some ideas.
  • A considerable amount of “colour” comes from the sky….so white becomes blue, pale jade becomes a tropical blue etc.
  • Darker colours mean warmer water, and so can extend swimming season in the south, yet may prove too hot to cool you down when you need it most. All dark colours we supply in fluoropolymer option only!
  •   Hi Build EPOXY, being a functional coating mainly designed to protect your pool shell from chemicals like with all epoxies they will chalk slowly over time and may take on a slight yellow tinge. We strongly recommend epoxies in light colours only. Fluoropolymers not known to change its finish for being exposed in the water however we still advise to use light colours too. They are just more practical in a long term. There is a reason why most of the pools around the globe are painted in light blue colours!
  • Salt water pools (and some chlorine pools) will leave a white residue on the surface. This is mainly dissolved “salts” in the water, much like after you have been swimming is the sea and have a white crust on your skin. It’s not detrimental to our paints,  however will show up more on darker colours. You can wipe pool surfaces to remove, however in a splash zone can be quite noticeable, and thus a lighter colour should be selected.