Patrick and Giselle, Lane Cove, NSW

Your quick response to my initial inquiry was a pleasant surprise and the literature you sent was very informative and easy to follow. The instructions were first class and application tips were great – the pool looks fantastic. I was impressed with the quality of the epoxy from New Zealand.
Thank you for all your help and advise for the refurbishment of our pool. The materials you supplied are first rate were easy to apply and the instructions easy to follow which enabled us to complete a perfect job.

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Bradley, Cairns QLD

I cannot tell you how pleased with are with the results we have achieved using Epotec. Firstly the decision to go with a rendered pool as opposed to pebblecrete has resulted in a pool surface that we were after. I swum in my neighbours pool on the weekend and it felt so rough and on top of that was dirty…the finish is just not conducive. The Epotec finish is just so clean and smooth that we are absolutely delighted with our pool. The product guidelines that you provided were perfect…we finished painting two coats with about 100ml spare at the end. We did thin the product out with about 100mls per pack as the temperature was quite high when we painted. The colour is perfect and matched the colour on the website perfectly. I would definitely recommend to anyone to render and paint their pool and I would definitely recommend Epotec as a high quality, easy to use finish…

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Drew, Mudgee NSW

Your “Bondi” mid blue Epotec epoxy Poolpaint arrived  quickly and OK for our 11mx 4m x1.5m Fibreglass Pool which is about 25 years old and has not been touched but was in pretty good condition.

We started emptying our Fibreglass Pool just using Pool Pump to waste

After 2 days of saning and a couple of minor fibreglass and bog repairs, and NO RAIN my wife and I got into the painting with Epotec. It was 15 deg at 8am when we started and did not go above 25 to 30 deg for the 3 days we took. The first coat I did the top and around the leaf gutter and kids ledge half way down walls, with a 120 mm lambswool roller which worked very well, and my wife did the sides and bottom with a 250 mm lambswool roller. The first coat took more time and it took the 2 of us until 2pm to finish with 1/2 hour for lunch.( 6 hours) We changed rollers and cleaned roller frame (used same frames for all coats) for each can of paint and it took 3 cans with each can having 50ml of thinners added prior to the hardener. Same procedure each day with the 3rd day having 2 cans left (we had 8) so walls and floor got a third coat which only took me about 3 hours as no fiddly bits. It looks great and we were very pleased with the product and our efforts.

No rain on it while we worked or afterwards while it cured.We gave it 6 days no rain 30 deg temp to cure, then filled it with 2 garden hoses taking a total of 16 hours over a day and a half.

Thanks for your help. I am a handyman and do most jobs and had a farm so this was no big deal but a lot of time and sweat expended (we were careful to have an old towel rag around our necks to mop up sweat so it didnt fall onto wet paint, (although you said that minor water wouldnt worry it) on hot days getting it prepared. The mid blue colour shows a very slight green tinge to it when filled with water and looks like clear Barrier Reef diving areas, so turned out great.

Thanks for your help on the phone when we ordered. So far very happy, and hope it lasts a long time.

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Michael, Waterford WA

All done, and without issues.  The service you provided, the price of the product and the product quality were all above expectations, to say the least.
I will be recommending your company and your product (EPOTEC) to all my friends and family should they need any pool resurfacing done.

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Shannon, Yarwun QLD

I finally finished the pool. It was a momentous project. The pool has come up a treat. All the info supplied was a tremendous help. Really impressed with the finish.

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Sharon and Mick QLD

Our pool is finally up and running. was an easy product to use. the colour is great and it is getting heaps of use now. thanks for your help when buying all the gear we needed. if we do a pool again will be sure to contact you.

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Jason from Herston QLD

The spa is finally finished.
We are very happy with it and have enclosed some photos to show you how we went.  It is fantastic now and is used most nights to relax in.  Fantastic product Epotec I must say and would recommend it in the further for sure!.
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Paul from Perth WA

The paint has come up looking fantastic!

We refilled the pool about 2 weeks ago and the kids are loving it! It has made the pool look bigger and brighter than what it was before. Thanks for the detail application brochure – it was relatively easy to follow.

Thanks for all your help.

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Peter from Duncraig WA

I was impressed with the quality of the epoxy – I must admit its hard not to be skeptical at times when buying over the net but gee its good!

The instructions were first class and application tips were great – the pool looks fantastic.

I am very impressed with the service and quality of product.

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Ian from Hammersley WA

did the refurb in the lead up to Christmas and started filling the pool Boxing Day.

Very happy with the results aesthetically, and pleased with the reduction in maintenance that the project has achieved – the chlorinator cell is staying clean for much longer, the pH is more stable, and cleaning is now much easier.

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Scott from Goulburn NSW

We have finished our renovation of pool in late December and filled it with water on December 29th 2009..

The support you gave me which built up my confidence to do the pool myself was great.

Your DIY instructions were spot on and there wasn’t any reason to make a mistake. The pool looks fantastic now and we have been having fun in it since.

Thank you again for your great product and support.

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Terry from Killara NSW

“….my DIY is finished and the pool looks great. I followed your instructions to the letter and have surprised myself with the results.

I’m very happy with the Pale Jade colour and am equally pleased by the comments received by everyone (even my wife !).

What was once an eyesore is now something pleasing to look upon – with a sense of a job well done.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Poolpaint & Epotec …. and agree that spending a few extra dollars on quality paint has resulted in a greater return of value to the property. “

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Sue from Townswille QLD

“I would like to thank you for your considerable help before and during the re-painting process of our pool. The pool has been finished for several weeks now and looks fantastic. It is a shame that Townsville is such a distance from Sydney as I would like you to see the finished product.

Your quick response to my initial inquiry surprised me and the literature you sent was very informative and easy to follow. As it was quite a large and daunting project to undertake, it was helpful to have a friendly ear on the phone and information outlining the whole process.

As I explained to you, we had got less than four years out of the life of the last paint, so we do look forward to at least 7-10 years before we have to repeat the process.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company, and in fact I have already passed on your name to somebody who asked where we had got the paint from.

Many thanks”

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Jim from Darwin NT

“We have finished painting the pool about 4 weeks ago it has come up very nicely you have a great product & easy to follow instructions. Thanking you”

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Marek from Kyogle NSW

“Should be able to get the third coat before 72 hours. The second coat went on nearly a week after the first coat and got wet after about 12 hours of finishing as we were not expecting rain at all. Then it pissed down for about 4 days solid! I was getting worried I tell you as I had not got it together to cover the area. But when the sun came out again I checked it out and it hanged in there. I was very impressed. Could not even scratch it off much with a nail. So obviously it “took” even after getting saturated for four days. Looks like an amazing paint that’s for sure.

Re the Epotec DIY process from your info. No problems. Info was fine. Easy to follow and adequately detailed.

Looking forward to filling the pool soon and start enjoying……

Regards “

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Graham from Warialda NSW

I am absolutely blown away with the end result. My 18 year old and 16 year old sons assisted me with the ‘renovation’, it took about three weeks from start to finish. Photo’s attached speak for themselves. I have been ‘giving’ out your pamphlets in a wide area as everyone who has seen the pool are suitably impressed.”

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I just wanted to let you know I was very impressed with the quality of your pool paint. I have a fair amount of experience using various epoxy finishes, which are not usually what you could term “user friendly.” Frankly, I was dreading this job. However, I found your product to be far easier to use than I had expected. It was easy to work, had a good pot life when mixed, and was surprisingly solvent-free. Moreover, it did exactly what the instructions said it would with respect to coverage. We are extremely pleased with the end result; our very tatty, discoloured, 20 year old pool was actually mistaken for a newly-built one by the builder who has just moved in next door (he wanted to know who did it and how much did it cost!). Besides the good looks, we have found it much easier to maintain the pool chemistry and I suspect our chemicals bill is a bit lower now; before we painted, the pH kept going off but now its completely stable. Finally I would like to thank you for your technical support with this job and to say that I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to other pool owners. My only regret is that I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo!

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Chris and Pat from Brisbane QLD

Thank you for all your help and advice for the refurbishment of our pool. The materials you supplied are first rate were easy to apply and the instructions easy to follow which enabled us to complete a perfect job.

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