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Some important facts about epotec pool paint

Epotec is an epoxy paint which is used to waterproof the inner surfaces of swimming pools. Paint is a much better choice for pool waterproofing than tiles or rendered finish. Tiled surfaces are difficult to clean because of dirt accumulation in the joints. Tiles can also detach from the surface of inner walls requiring repairs. Paint has no such issues at all. Rendered finish has a rough surface which can scratch the skin of the swimmers. Paint has a smooth surface. The epotec pool paint forms a strong and solid waterproof coating over the surface which is not affected by either long term water exposure or exposure to chemicals such as chlorine mixed in the pool water. The paint does not feature solvents in its chemical structure which makes it a solid coating unlike conventional paints.

Some facts about epotec epoxy paint for swimming pools have been listed here.

Suitable for both concrete and fiberglass swimming pools

Epotec epoxy paint is highly appropriate for concrete swimming pool construction Sydney. The paint forms a barrier over the concrete surface of the inner walls which prevents water from reaching the steel reinforcements used in concrete swimming pools. Epotec is also resistant against hydrostatic pressure which is created when water enters the concrete mass through many imperfections in the concrete. Keeping the water away from the concrete through the paint coating prevents hydrostatic pressure build up. Epotec concrete swimming pool paint Sydney provides similar water protection to the concrete in worn out or damaged fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools or concrete swimming pools with pebblecrete or marblesheen finish.

Epotec pool paint is also suitable for fiberglass pool resurfacing in cases when the gel coat is damaged. If you observe black spots, algae growth other kinds of signs indicating damage to the Gel coat, the finishing of the inner wall of a fiberglass swimming pool, you need to upgrade it with epotec pool paint. This is essential because damaged gel coat allows water to seep into the shell of the fiberglasss swimming pool leading to loss of structural strength. The surface must be prepared properly and necessary repairs carried out before the application of epotec pool paint.

Holes and cracks must be repaired prior to application of epotec in both concrete as well as fiberglass swimming pools. The surface must be smooth.

Curing time and effect of rain

Epotec takes about 5-6 hours for curing under optimal temperature ranging between 15 and 20 degree Celsius. Rain fall during the curing period of the paint does not affect the curing process or the quality of the coating. However, whitish spot develops on the surface which spoils the look of the paint. The spot goes away within 1-2 months. Nevertheless, it is better to protect the paint against getting wet during the curing period.

Long lasting

Epotec paint coating can last for more than 12 years in case of pools in domestic households. In case of commercial pools, the coating can last for a minimum of 5 years. Recoating is simple.

Colour range and price

Epotec epoxy paint colours Sydney come in four different shades of blue along with white, black, slate grey, etc. The epoxy paint prices Sydney are dependent upon the dimensions of the pool.



Brushes or rollers can be used to apply epotec epoxy paint on surfaces. Thickness of the coating is important because thickness determines the life of the coating.

Some facts about epoxy paint for concrete and other swimming pools

Epoxy paint coatings for swimming pools are tailor made for water. The pool grade epoxy paints can remain immersed in water without any change in their properties. They are also highly resistant against UV rays of the sun and chemicals usually present in the pool water such as chlorine. The strength of epoxy paint coating is directly proportional to the thickness of the coating. The coating usually lasts 7 to 14 years. Epotec is one such high-grade pool paint coating available with only specialist epoxy paint suppliers.

What is it used for?

Epotec epoxy paint uses for swimming pools can be summarized under the following subheadings.

Concrete swimming pools

Epotec epoxy paint for concrete swimming pools prevents the passage of water through the concrete in both liquid as well as vapour form. It prevents the creation hydrostatic water pressure which causes water to move through the concrete. The easy passage of water vapour through the concrete commonly found in areas with high water tables is also prevented by the use of epoxy pool paint for concrete swimming pools. Concrete swimming pools with different types of finishes such as pebblecrete or marblesheen concrete swimming pools can also be upgraded with epoxy paint coating. Fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools can also be upgraded with epoxy coating.

Fiberglass swimming pools

Epotec epoxy paint for fiberglass swimming pools replace damaged and worn out gel coats found in fiberglass swimming pools. Damaged gel coats show many signs such as black spots, holes through which water seeps inside the underlying structures, osmosis damage, etc. It is necessary to repair the gel coat and eliminate other problems such as osmosis and algae growth prior to resurfacing the pool with epotec epoxy paint. The pool needs to emptied before carrying out the repairs. Un-reacted styrene present on the surface of fiberglass swimming pools also need to be removed before applying epoxy paint because it disrupts the long term bondage of the coating with the surface. Badly damaged fiberglass swimming pool needs to be replaced with a new one. The surface of the new fiberglass swimming pool can be coated with epoxy paint to prevent future problems.


Epoxy filler can be used to repair holes in both concrete as well as fiberglass swimming pools. The 2-pack epoxy filler needs to be mixed in equal proportions using a knife. The filler mixture must then be filled inside the hole with the same knife. It is better to overfill the hole. A mixture of detergent and water must then be spread over the surface using your fingers. This is necessary to get a smooth surface. Epotec must be applied after the curing process is complete. This usually takes about a day. The rough spots can be eliminated by sanding after the mixture has cured.




Epotec epoxy pool painting is available in a number of colours such as black, dark blue, slate grey, white, opal, glacier white, light blue and much more.



Epotec epoxy coating easily adheres to a damp surface and requires 5-7 days for curing. It provides a strong coating with a smooth surface. The lifespan of the coating is usually 7-14 years.