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Epoxy paints for versatile uses

Epoxy is a commercially significant polymer used worldwide for miscellaneous applications. It is extensively used in construction and renovation of apartments. When your homes are painted, you can see experts applying epoxy glue and the epoxy primer on the walls. Epoxy paints are known for their insulation and adhesive properties. Epoxy resin floor coating is used for many Australian households.


 There are many independent contractors in Australia who provide epotec painting service. Epotec is resistant to scratch and UV rays. After curing,epotec pool paint leaves a shiny and easy to clean surface. It is one of the most durable paints. The usage of epoxy paints depends on climatic traits of a place. It has been used for over 30 years in Australian nations and for theme water park projects in the Asian country of Thailand.


Valuable properties of epoxy paints

Epoxy paints have many desirable traits inclusive of the following.

  1. Durability
  2. Versatility
  3. Insulation
  4. Adhesive nature
  5. Scratch resistance
  6. Ultraviolet resistance


Applications of epoxy paints

Epoxy finds several applications in many residential and commercial projects, especially in Australia. Epoxy paint is of great value for various parties like construction groups, maintenance managers, body corporate managers and DIY market.


Some of the applications are

  1. Floor design: Epoxy paints are used to provide highly durable concrete floor finishes. It is also seen as epoxy flooring in big apartments.
  2. Swimming pools: Epoxy paints are used in swimming pool construction in Sydney. It is used in concrete swimming pool repairs.
  3. Home painting: It finds vigorous application when our homes are painted, as epoxy glue and epoxy primer.
  4. Hybrid use: When it comes to domestic or large scale industrial setups, both epoxy flooring and epoxy coating can be applied over concrete.
  5. Airport: Besides, it is also seen in large commercial buildings like Sydney Airport.
  6. Renovation/ restructuring: Epoxy paints are used in renovation and polishing of swimming pools.



Methods of application of epoxy paint

Epoxy can best be applied by roller or brush. Epoxy paint accessories also include containers, stirrers, solvents, and rags.


Spray method: Epoxy paint is applied on a surface with compressed air or sprayed by the team of painting experts.

Roll and tip method: An expert painter applies Epoxy paint on walls with a roller. Once the roller is applied, the next process is a touch up using a fine bristle or foam brush.


Epotec is one of the best epoxy paints manufacturers. Epotec is resistant to scratch and UV rays. It is one of the most durable paints. After curing,epotec pool paint leaves a shiny and easy to clean surface.Epotec can suitably be immersed in water. It can be used for all swimming and spa pools. Epotec is used by industrial facilities on walls, floors, and machines. Epotecprovides many different customized products. One of them is EpotecHB, a multipurpose aqueous solution. There are many independent contractors in Australia who provide epotec painting service on contract.You can buy it directly from manufacturers too.

Various features of epoxy paints for swimming pools

Painting the walls of the swimming pool with a waterproof coating such as epoxy paints in order to prevent water from penetrating the shell of the pool and damaging is a great option. This is because epoxy paint does not have a rough surface which makes it easy on the skin of the swimmer, resists cracking more efficiently and can be cleaned much easily.

The various features of epotec pool paint have been described here:


The epotec pool paint does not have solvents or thinners which gives it a completely solid coating. This leads to retention of the entire applied thickness with no shrinking unlike conventional paints used for houses which have only 30-40% of solids. The solid nature of the epotec pool paint is the reason behind its good strength.


Epotec becomes inert when cured. Thus, it cannot be removed by chemicals and can only get affected by wear and tear. Consequently, a thick coat of the paint needs to be applied for long lasting effect. Thick coat of paint means that it will last long. The epotec pool paint does not have thinners but its special characteristics allow it to be easily applied using brush or rollers. The standard thickness achieved with epotec pool paint is 320 microns.


With 7-14 years of life, the longevity of epotec epoxy pool paint Perth is impressive. This implies that once applied using thick coat, the paint doesn’t need recoating for this time period.

Upgrading swimming pools

Epotec paint is widely used for upgrading swimming pools such as during fiberglass pool repairs, fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools, marblesheen pools and other concrete pools. This is because epotec paint prevents general wear and tear of the pool walls and protects them from chlorine and other chemicals commonly found in swimming pools.

Epotec paint also gives protection from hydrostatic water pressure. The column of liquid water in the swimming pool exerts a force known as hydrostatic pressure. This force causes the liquid water to penetrate the concrete. Permeable concrete is more prone to water penetration. Epotec paint eliminates this problem by forming a barrier between the concrete and the water because hydrostatic pressure is created only when water comes in direct contact with the concrete of the swimming pool.

Water can also pass through the concrete in the form of gas. The epotec paint being impermeable to both liquid and gas molecules, is also capable of preventing the passage of water through concrete in the form of gas molecules.

Types of colour

Epotec pool paint is available in a number of colour shades. The standard shades have been listed here.

  • Sky blue
  • Royal blue
  • Slate grey
  • Opal
  • Dark blue
  • White
  • Chamois
  • Glacier white
  • Aqua
  • Squirrel
  • Pale gade

There are a number of factors which come into play at the time of selecting a suitable colour such as the colour of the surroundings like tiles, vegetation, etc. However, a lighter colour is recommended for epoxy paint as it tends to get yellower with time.