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Pool grade epoxies differ from general epoxies because they are specially designed to remain immersed in water and withstand the chemicals used in swimming pools. This is the reason why epoxy paint coatings are widely used in swimming pools for waterproofing. Epotec is an epoxy pool paint NSW which is tailor made for swimming pools.

Some of the main features of epotec pool paint coating which makes it the best epoxy painting Sydney have been described here.

Solid coating

Epotec epoxy paint is a totally solid in nature. This means that no thinners or solvents have been used in manufacturing the paint coating. The benefit of the solid nature of the paint coating is that it does not shrink unlike conventional paints containing water. Absence of shrinkage means that the coating retains the original thickness and forms a strong barrier over the surface.

Even though there are no liquids in the composition of the paint, the Pool painter Perth can easily use rollers or brushes for application. This is because epotec has been designed to flow easily from both rollers and brushes.

Resistant to chemicals

Epotec Epoxy for Pools Australia is inert in nature. This implies that the coating does not react with chemicals commonly added to pool water for purification. Inert nature also means that the coating cannot be removed by chemical agents. The coating is also not affected by cleaning. Apart from chemicals, the coating is also resistant against the UV rays of the sun.

High strength

The epotec pool paint coating is resistant against cracks and damages. However, in order to ensure a high strength coating, the applied thickness of the paint must be high. The primary reason is the direct dependence of the strength on the applied thickness of the paint. Thus, the paint must be applied thickly to get the best results.


Epotec is used as concrete swimming pool paint Nsw. The steel reinforcements used in the structure of a concrete swimming pool require protection from water penetration to prevent corrosion and damage. The epotec paint coating chemically attaches to the concrete surface and prevents water penetration thereby protecting the steel reinforcements. Thus, epotec can be used for inner wall waterproofing either during construction of a new concrete swimming pool or repairing.

Epotec Epoxy Paint for Fiberglass Australia is used for fiberglass swimming pools. The gel coat of the fiberglass swimming pool is upgraded using epoxy pool paint. Gel coat is the name given to the finish of the inner surface of fiberglass swimming pools. Gel coat affected by algae growth, black spots, osmosis, wear and tear, etc. are suitable for upgrading with epotec pool paint. However, the gel coat must be repaired properly before applying epotec pool paint. Surface preparation is also necessary prior to applying epotec.

Fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools, pebblecrete swimming pools and marblesheen swimming pools can also be waterproofed with epotec epoxy pool paint.

Other features

Some other important features have been listed here.

  • Smooth surface which does not scratch the skin of the swimmers.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Resistant to staining.
  • Long lasting with a time period of 7-14 years before the need for recoating.
  • Available in a range of styles and colours.



Thus, the above factors make it clear that epotec epoxy pool paint is a much superior choice than rendered finish for swimming pools.


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