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Pebblecrete pool repair

Depending on the type of swimming pool you opt for in your property, you will be able to choose different pool finishes that make the pool look attractive and inviting. In the case of a concrete pool, Pebblecrete is one of the finishes that are in use. It is used widely in different countries across the world for many purposes and especially for swimming pools. Pebblecrete, as the name suggests, is the process of mixing an aggregate of pebbles into cement. In some cases, it also involves adding powder or liquid dyes too. While this sort of a pebblecrete would do for a dry surface, pebblecrete pool requires special quality of materials and techniques.

Pebblecrete for swimming pools

Pebblecrete, when done properly, is the best to finish your swimming pool can get in terms of versatility, aesthetics, anddurability. Pebblecrete is the method used to seal the concrete shell of the swimming pool with stones that are mixed with cement which might be white or ivory in color. The aggregate could be sand-based or pebble-based. The pebble based aggregate has a better life and resistance than sand based aggregates. This mixture when applied to the concrete shell of the swimming pool adds color and strengthens the shell. it is then trowelled over many times to make it hard and smooth. With pebblecrete, you can add an innumerable range of colors. You can introduce different sizes and shapes of pebbles to get a pebblecrete pool that is great to look. It is also a great material to be used in the pool with fiber optic lighting.

Pebblecrete benefits

As you know the pebblecrete that is meant for underwater is different from that used for dry areas and its usage is perfect for poolresurfacing because

• It looks great

• It holds up better when submerged when compared to a tile

• It is stronger than an all-tile pool that has grouts which may deteriorate over time.

• When a strong aggregate is used in the pebblecrete during pool renovation, it would act as a wonderful barrier against water penetration.

• An all-tiled pool, when left with acidic or untreated water, would result in the eating away of the grout. It would lead to black algae formation which would resurface again even after regrouting. But, pebblecrete pool when shocked with a high-level dose of liquid chlorine in the evening, when cleaned in the morning would look great and clean. This shows that it is easy to maintain.

• The pebblecrete pool repair can be done easily by recoating the pool with cement.

• The application of a bond coat to the pebblecrete surface will ensure that it adheres to the concrete shell of the pool. The pebblecrete flooring can be cured underwater. Brushing the pool regularly during the curing period would make the pool shine and glow.

• The polycrete surface can be dyed using quality colors.

repair pebblecrete pool

Problems that may arise

• There are certain problems that may arise which would lead to pebblecrete pool repair. Most of it stems from the poor quality of materials used especially aggregates that are sand based.

• Choice of wrong dyes of low quality could also add to your woes. You have to be especially careful when a clear coat sealer is used.

• The use of a sealer by itself could be an indication of poor quality of the aggregates. The sealer may break down after a long period under the water.

• Ensure that the aggregate is made of a quartz pebble. The quartz pebble tops the list followed by granite, marble, a sandstone, chips etc. for quality pebblecrete pool.

• It is advisable to mesh pebbles of different features and size in order to ensure pool renovation work results in the formation of a strong barrier that prevents water penetration

• The greatest disadvantage of the pebblecrete surface is that cracks and problems on the shell of the pool would also be reflected on the surface.

The special coat- upgrading using Epotec

Despite the problems, the cost-effective easy to maintain and easy to lay pebblecrete flooring for the pool is advisable because, now, you can protect the pool surface with a special swimming pool paint. It forms a bond coating that protects the pool surface from all problems that may arise including

• Fading due to exposure to harsh climatic conditions

• Staying as good as new for over 8-10 years despite being underwater.

• Producing a surface that is clean, smooth and will help enhance the appearance and also help you to avoid having sharpedges as well as rough surfaces that might cause injury.

• It will prevent cracks, leaks,and stains from affecting the surface as well as the shell.

• It prevents contamination of any kind and also prevents algae formation.

This and much more is possible by upgrading your pebblecrete pool surface with a 2-coat epoxy paint from Epotec.

Epotec and its suitability

Epotec is a manufacturer of quality epoxy swimming pool paint. It is a solventless paint that consists of two packs. It forms a high-quality bond with the pool surface. The bonding would last for more than 30 years. you can also render the paint anti-slip by adding a special additive to the already effective Epotec paint that is suitable for all types of pools starting from fiberglass to polycrete flooring.

The EPOTEC pool grade paint scores high when compared to a standard epoxy on following counts

• It is available with and is used in swimming pool repairs and pool renovation only by the experts. You will not find it in shops

• It is highly suited for 24X7 water immersion

• It is chlorine and chemical resistant

• It is UV resistant

• It forms a thick coat that can cling to the surface and last up to 7-12 years after which it can be recoated.

• The extensive colorrangeincludes light blue, dark blue, slategrey, rich brown, pale jade, chamois, aqua, mid blue etc

When is an epotec coating adviced?

An epotec coating is a must. However, it is essential in case of conditions like

• Difficulty in keeping the pool clean

• Algae formation

• Difficulty in maintaining chemical balance

• Harsh on your skin

• The dirty appearance of the pool.

Why is Epotec the best solution?

Epotec epoxy pool paint has to be applied to a prepared pool surface whether it is a new one or a pool that is being renovated. The two components need to be mixed in equal proportions and applied to the prepared surface just as you would paint a wall. It is advisable to mix the epoxy components little at a time because it may thicken or dry up faster. Epotec epoxy is the best solution because

• It is easy to apply

• It is durable

• It is seamless

• It will help reduce chemical bill considerably

• It is cost-effective.

• Since the coat it produces is thick, it would withstand the wear and tear.

When applied in accordance with the instructions laid down in the manual, the EPOTEC coat could really a boon to have longlasting pools that are great to look and easy to maintain.


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