new life for your pool

Using a Roller

The rougher the surface, the greater the nap. (depth of pile) With Pebblecrete use 15 – 20 mm plus, and with smoother finishes like Fibreglass 8 – 12 mm. Load the roller uniformly, not as shown below. A uniform load will allow you to get a better coverage. Don’t over fill the tray, better to use about 1/3 of a mix at a time. Rough or uneven surfaces and internal corners cannot be easily painted with a wide roller. Usually 250 mm wide is enough.

A partly filled Roller, needs more rolling out in-tray before using.

A completely filled roller and about 1/3 of a Mix in the Roller tray.
Undulating surfaces means difficulty in getting uniform coverage, as does internal corners. Use a good quality brush to fix.