new life for your pool

Rain on epoxy paint

Once epoxy paint  has been mixed and applied correctly, it will cure enough in about 5 – 6 hours, providing the surface temperature remains about 15 – 20 C. If the temperature of the surface drops below 13 C, the curing may stop until the temperature increases again.

During this curing time, rain and condensation needs to be kept off. If it gets wet within this time frame, a whitish bloom may form on the surface. This may be aesthetically unacceptable, especially on the last coat, though it will not affect the curing or performance of the new paint. It may be left and will usually disappear after 1 – 3 months of usage. Otherwise, it may be sanded off and re coated.

A “white blooming” in the last coat, which disappeared after several months of pool usage.