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Mixing epoxy paints

Epoxy paint comes in a 2 can pack. 4 Kg Resin in a 5 Litre can and 1 kg Hardener in a 1 ltr can.

Open the large can and if there is material on the inside of the lid and upper internal surfaces, scrape it down into the rest of the Resin.

With both cans open, then add all the small can to the big can. That is All Hardener is put into the Resin. At this stage, there will be a little Hardener left behind.

Mix slowly together with power mixer, using slow, deliberate moves down into and around and then up and out of the mix. This will blend the Hardener into the Resin without putting air into the mix. Make sure you mix the sides and bottom as well. After 2 – 3 minutes, you will nearly be finished.

Tip any remaining Hardener (there will be several teaspoons worth) into the Resin and continue mixing for another minute or so till a homogenous mix of uniform colour is observed.  Then, if required* add up to 5% epoxy thinners, (quarter of the now empty Hardener can) remix.

Then place into roller tray, so it’s about 1/3 to 1/2 full.

Keep remaining mixed paint, in a cool place, (out of sun) till you need it.

Working life is about 45 – 60 mins at 20 C.

 *We recommend to use thinners only for the first coat if you feel like it is too thick to apply,

Resin tin, with epoxy paint on the underside of the lid, needs to be added to the rest of resin.

Some Hardener remaining after first “emptying” and now needs to be added to Resin-Hardener mix.

Mixing slowly, digging deep into the Mix

Slowly lift up and back into mix as you move around.


If required, add up to 5% ( 1/4 of empty Hardener Tin) of epoxy Thinners, to add brush out.


Electric drill, mixer and a cardboard base. Thinner tin and 270 mm roller tray and roller.