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Swimming pools of all sizes and types whether in domestic households or commercial establishments require waterproofing to maintain their structural integrity. A strong and durable waterproofing solution is required for swimming pools for long term protection against pool water. Epotec epoxy paint Sydney is such a waterproofing solution developed for swimming pools. This is a solid paint with zero solvent content which provides flawless waterproofing for as much as 14 years. The paint coating remains unaffected by chemical content of the pool water and the UV rays of the sun.

Used for a variety of pools

The epoxy paint uses Sydney cover a plethora of swimming pool types including concrete and fiberglass swimming pools.

Concrete swimming pools- If you are going for concrete swimming pool construction Sydney, using epotec epoxy paint for waterproofing the inner surfaces is the best choice. Pool water makes its way through the inner surface of a concrete swimming pool in the absence of waterproofing. The water is detrimental to the steel reinforcements present in the structure of the concrete swimming pool and causes corrosion, concrete cancer and other types of damage. This leads to breakdown of the concrete swimming pool structure. By using epotec paint, such a scenario is avoided because water is unable to penetrate the concrete surface due to the presence of epotec coating. Upgrading the inner surfaces with epotec during concrete swimming pool repair Sydney in case of old swimming pools having some other type of waterproof finish is also recommended.

Concrete swimming pools with marblesheen finishing can also be waterproofed using epoxy paint for concrete Sydney. Marblesheen is a mixture of white cement and crushed marble chips which are used to give a finishing of 5-20 mm to concrete swimming pools. Marbelsheen finishing appears white with a smooth surface. This finish can get worn out with time and develop cracks, black stains, rust stains, etc. The marblesheen finish can also become soft or even detach completely from the concrete surface. In such cases, epotec paint is suitable for upgrading the swimming pool.

Pebblecrete is a mixture of selected pebbles and cement. It is also used for concrete swimming pool finishing. Damaged or worn out pebblecrete finishing can also be upgraded using epotec epoxy paint coating.

Thus, epotec is an efficient waterproof concrete swimming pool coating Sydney for all kinds of concrete swimming pools.

Fiberglass swimming pools- Fiberglass swimming pools feature an outer fiberglass shell made of fiberglass strands and resin and an inner surface with a finish called gel coat. Gel coat becomes non functional if it is damaged or worn out. Consequently, water starts leaking into the underlying structures of the swimming pool causing significant damage to the fiberglass shell. Epotec paint coating can be used to upgrade the damaged gel coat and restore the waterproofing function.

Fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools can also be waterproofed using epotec paint when the fiberglass lining breaks away or becomes weak due to a number of causes.



Thus, epotec is available for pool owners for waterproofing irrespective of the type of swimming pool they may own.


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