new life for your pool

Pools painted with White colour

  • Epotec in Sky, for the eye.
White Magic in Sydney

A pool owner wanted to upgrade his tired worn Marblesheen pool. After a thorough clean and localized repair he applied 2 coats of EPOTEC in White. The result is magic! Note how the final colour is the result of the blue sky and surrounding vegetation - a tropical blue - green.

White Again

This previously painted pool was white and the DIY owner wanted the same pure finish. So WHITE Epotec was the ideal answer. The pool is very deep in the bowl (about 3 M), which adds to the great contrast in colour and tone.

A White Epotec Pool on Gold Coast

The DIY owner wanted to upgrade his painted / rendered pool. After careful surface preparation and two coats of Epotec White, the result is just the right colour, . It has picked up the green from nearby trees/bushes. plus the blue from the sky. Compare this to the other white coloured pool to see how the environment effects the colour seen.