new life for your pool

Pools painted with Tasman colour

  • Day Dream Island Resort in Whitsundays - North Queensland
EPOTEC Tasman in Wagga Wagga 2016

Previously painted pool restoration in Wagga Wagga. Another excellent DIY job. Done by Ray in spring 2016. EPOTEC Tasman is used.

Fibreglass pool restoration in Whylla Stuart SA 2016

Fibreglass pool in SA restored with EPOTEC Tasman (Dark Blue) colour. Another successful DIY project

Tasman transformation in Sydney

A DIY project in Warriwee Sydney.


Tasman is a favourite colour when seeking a deeper blue but not too deep. Here is a fine example DIY, over a sandblasted concrete surface.

The Dark Blue - Tasman.

When you have red walls, Epotec in Dark Blue makes a great contrast.

Pool for the Boys in Dark Blue -  Tasman

When a secondary college and night time swimming club wanted to upgrade the existing 8 year old Epotec in their 40 year old pool, there was no option. Epotec had proved its self beyond doubt. Dark Blue will handle the high usage again

Tasman in Queensland

On the Gold Coast a nice Tasman pool has been created by the proud DIY owners. Due to inclement weather a tarp was used to keep the worst out. The end result is a pleasure for all to see.

Tasman at Night

A worn concrete pool in Perth got a great DIY Tasman treatment and has come up a treat, according to its proud owner. In the day time it looks great , yet at night it really shows its true colours with a colour changing light.