new life for your pool

Pools painted with Pale Jade colour

  • Kawana Dive Pool
Pale Jade Opal Beach Resort Coffs Harbour

Opal Beach Resort, Coffs Harbour, recently re coated their large free form pools and outdoor spas with Epotec Pale Jade. The work was carried in house and the result is a beautiful, easy clean finish that the guests can enjoy every day. Pale Jade blends in with the subtropical ambience of the resort.

Pale Jade at Minto

Here is DIY project at Minto where the owner had an old tired hard to keep clean Pebblecrete Pool. After a thorough clean and surface preparation, 2 coats of EPOTEC in Pale Jade were applied to give a great easy clean finish.

Pebblecrete to colourful finish - Pale Jade

Pebblecrete which becomes difficult to clean, patchy and worn can be upgraded with Epotec. The following sequence shows a Pebblecrete pool in Sydney which is about 20 years old, being cleaned thoroughly, having 2 coats of Pale Jade Epotec roller applied and the finished result, which you will agree is great.

North Queensland in Sydney! Pale Jade

A recent client was very keen to feel like being on the beach up (far) north when he looked at his pool in Sydney……and the way to do it was with Epotec Pale Jade. Of course we couldn’t do much about the Sydney weather…. But how does this look on a good day?