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Characteristics and uses of epotec pool paint


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Whether you are going for new swimming pool construction or renovating and repairing your old swimming pool, one of the main areas of concern is waterproofing. Waterproofing the inner surface of the swimming pool with a finish which prevents water penetration of the outer structure of the pool cannot be done with a low quality material. The best material available is epotec pool paint. This is a pool grade epoxy paint which has been tailor-made for water immersion.

What are the characteristics?

The various characteristics of epotec epoxy pool paint have been discussed here.

  • Epotec epoxy paint does not have thinners and solvents in its chemical composition. This makes it a completely solid coating. Consequently, epotec epoxy paint coating does not shrink and maintains the applied thickness for a long period of time. This property is superior to conventional paints which have just about 30-40% solids in their composition and are prone to shrinkage.


  • Epotec epoxy coating cannot be removed by chemicals since it is chemically inert. Chemically inert nature of the coating makes it capable of withstanding the chemicals used in the swimming pools such as chlorine. The coating can undergo general wear and tear only.


  • The design of epotec epoxy paint is such that it can be easily applied using brush or rollers despite the fact that it is completely solid.


  • The strength of the coating depends upon the thickness of the applied coating. A good thickness such as 320 microns would enable the coating to last for a maximum of 14 years without recoating.


  • Maintenance is easy and not costly.



Epotec epoxy paint can be used for both concrete swimming pool construction Sydney as well as concrete swimming pool renovation. Epotec forms a hard coating on the inner surface of the concrete swimming pool which is impervious to water molecules in both liquid and vapour form, thereby protecting the steel reinforcements. A smooth surface is obtained by using epoxy paint which can also be cleaned easily. Epotec epoxy concrete swimming pool paint Sydney can also be used for concrete swimming pools with fiberglass lining. Fiberglass lining tend to wear out and even break off completely from the concrete at many places leading to water exposure of the concrete. Epotec epoxy paint can be used for upgrading such pools.

Epotec epoxy paint is also used for fiberglass pool resurfacing. The worn out or damaged gel coat is upgraded using epotec. All the necessary repairs are carried out prior to surface preparation. Thereafter, resurfacing is done using epotec. Unreacted styrene present on the surface are eliminated because styrene prevents long term adhesion of the coating.

Swimming pools with marblesheen finish or pebblecrete finish can also be upgraded with epotec.

Other features

Epotec epoxy paint comes in two cans. One can contains the resin while the other can holds the hardener. Both are mixed using a plastic hand mixer for about 2-3 minutes and left for 10 minutes before using.

Many types of epoxy paint colours Sydney are available to match different kinds of swimming pools. The epoxy paint prices Sydney are affordable.



Epotec epoxy paint can either be applied all by yourself or with the help of professionals. In order to get the best thickness, professional workmen must be employed.


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