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Some characteristics of epotec epoxy paint Sydney

Pool paints for swimming pool waterproofing are considered superior than other kinds of waterproofing finish. However, conventional paints have been disadvantages which render them not very efficient when it comes to swimming pool waterproofing. All such disadvantages have been eliminated in epotec epoxy paint Sydney. Therefore, when we talk of waterproofing the inner walls of a swimming pool using pool paint, epotec epoxy paint ranks higher than other kinds of paints.

Suitable surfaces for application

Epotec epoxy paint for concrete Sydney successfully attaches to the concrete surface of a concrete swimming pool. Thus, it is used for waterproofing the inner walls of concrete swimming pools. Epotec coating forms a barrier over the concrete surface and prevents pool water from reaching the steel reinforcements of the concrete swimming pool and causing damage. Epotec is being widely used during concrete swimming pool construction Sydney to impart waterproofing to the inner walls of the pool. Epotec also has become the best choice of waterproofing paint at the time of concrete swimming pool repair Sydney to prevent future problems caused by water invasion.

Other surfaces for which epotec paint can be used for waterproofing are as follows.

  • Fiberglass surfaces
  • Rendered finish
  • Pebblecrete finish
  • Marblesheen finish
  • Painted surfaces.

Thus, eptoec is not only a concrete swimming pool coating Sydney but is also used for waterproofing many other types of swimming pools. However, proper surface preparation is necessary to get the best waterproofing epoxy paint uses Sydney.

Time period before the need for recoating

Epotec epoxy paint does not wear away easily. Epotec does not shrink, peel or chip unlike conventional paints. It maintains the thickness at which it is applied. The coating is also not affected by chemicals present in the pool because it is inert nor it is affected by the UV rays of the sun. All these factors make epotec a long lasting pool paint. In case of domestic swimming pools, epotec coating can usually last for 12 years while in case of commercial swimming pools, a minimum of 5 years is the time period for which the paint coating lasts before the need for recoating.

Waterproof coating by non pool grade epoxy paints can only last 2-3 years while chlorinated rubber paint can last just 1-2 years. Epotec has been designed for swimming pools and is the best epoxy paint for swimming pool waterproofing.

Maintaining epotec paint

Epotec paint coating has a very smooth surface and is a high built coating. Thus, it does not attract dust particles and prevents the growth of algae. The coating can be simply cleaned with a broom occasionally. Detergent and pad can be used to remove stains. If an area of the inner walls of the swimming pool gets damaged then it is likely that the integrity of the epotec coating has also suffered damage and is no longer offering protection to the concrete surface against pool water. In such cases, the damaged area needs to be repaired immediately.



Epotec can be easily ordered by getting a price quote after mentioning all the information about the swimming pool such as dimensions followed by payment using credit card, cheque or direct payment.

Useful information about epotec epoxy paint Sydney

Epotec is a pool waterproofing paint which is widely used in Olympic pools, residential pools, commercial pools, community pools, thermal pools and spas. This is an epoxy paint Sydney which has proved its worth in waterproofing the inner walls of concrete swimming pools, fiberglass swimming pools and other kinds of swimming pools. The swimming pool water needs to be prevented from damaging the structure of the pool and the epotec pool paint fulfills this function by providing efficient waterproofing. Swimming pool water is usually loaded with chemicals for purification but the epotec paint remains unaffected by such chemicals. Epotec is a high build coating which comes in the form of a resin and a hardener. When the two are mixed, a chemical reaction ensues which forms a high strength coating.

Why it is used?

The main epoxy paint uses Sydney is waterproofing. Let us take the example of a concrete swimming pool. A concrete swimming pool has steel reinforcements in its structure which is necessary for its overall stability. If the pool water is soaked by the surface of the inner walls of the swimming pool, it reaches the steel reinforcements. Exposure to water causes the steel reinforcements to corrode and collapse leading to costly repairs. Epotec epoxy paint for concrete Sydney is applied over the surface of the inner walls of a concrete swimming pool. This concrete swimming pool coating Sydney forms an impediment to the passage of water through the concrete surface. Consequently, the steel reinforcements are protected against water damage at all times. Epotec paint does not detach from the concrete surface unlike tiles, has a smooth surface unlike rendered finish and can last for 7-14 years. These advantages are the reasons why people are using epotec for waterproofing after new concrete swimming pool construction Sydney.

Another example is fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool. Epotec can be used during fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool repair Sydney. Repairs are required when the fiberglass lining either becomes detached from the concrete surface of the swimming pool or is damaged or worn out.

What colours are available?

Epotec epoxy paint comes in a range of colours. The different kinds of colours include white, glacier white, opal, chamois, slate grey, whisper grey, black, pale glade, royal blue, dark blue, light blue, and mid blue. Apart from standard colours, epotec paint is also available in other non standard colours specifically manufactured according to the client’s requirements.

Epotec coating may acquire a yellowish tinge over a period of time. Therefore, light colour is recommended. The paint colour can be also be selected on the basis of the colour of the surroundings of the pool such as vegetations, pavers, tiles, etc. Some people want to match the colour of the pool with the surroundings while some want a contrasting colour for the pool.


A warranty of 5 years is offered on epotec epoxy paint coating. The epotec paint lasts long and gives the best performance if the paint coating is applied properly according to guidelines and the pool water is maintained at the recommended conditions.



Thus, epotec epoxy paint can be used to replace other kinds of waterproof finishing used in swimming pools.

Epoxy concrete swimming pool coating Sydney for waterproofing

The importance of waterproofing the inner walls of swimming pools is emphasized by swimming pool experts all over the world. The advent of new technology has enabled the creation of waterproof pool paints for swimming pool waterproofing. The waterproof pool paints can be used instead of conventional waterproof finishing such as rendered finishes or tiles. Epotec epoxy paint Sydney is a superior pool paint as compared to other types of waterproof pool paints available in the market. Epotec chemically attaches to surface, withstands chemicals and UV rays of the sun, resists cracking, easy to clean, long lasting, resists staining and has a smooth surface which does not scratch the skins of the swimmers. All these characteristics and more make epotec the ideal choice for swimming pool waterproofing.

Method of application

The surface needs to be cleaned using detergent to remove dirt, oil, fats and other contaminants. Acid must not be used for cleaning the surface. Defects on the surface such as worn out areas, cracked areas, etc. must be repaired. Moisture must also be removed from the surface prior to application of epotec coating.

Roller or brush can be used for applying epotec. The area covered per application should be 1-2 square metres. The thickness of the coating determines its life span. Therefore, the coating should be sufficiently thick and every area must have the same thickness of coating to prevent uneven life span of the coating in different areas.

The application of the coatings must commence in the morning and finish by 1 pm in summers and 12 pm in winters. This is essential to enable the coating to cure before evening when dew sets in. The time required for a coat to cure is 12-24 hours. Curing time may be increased in winters. The pool can be filled with water and chemicals can be added only after 5 days from coating in summers and 7 days in winters.

The epotec coating must also be protected against rain during the curing period. If rain falls on the epotec coated surface during this period, a whitish spot appears on it. The white spot does not affect the waterproofing function of epotec or the curing process even though it spoils the aesthetics. The whitish spot disappears within 1-2 months or it can be sanded off.

Mode of waterproofing

Epotec is a waterproof concrete swimming pool coating Sydney. The hard coating forms a shield over the concrete surface of the inner walls of a concrete swimming pool. Both liquid and gaseous water molecules are prevented from reaching the steel reinforcements of the concrete swimming pool by the epotec coating. Thus, the structure of the concrete swimming pool remains intact. This is the reason why epotec should be used for waterproofing at the time of concrete swimming pool construction Sydney or concrete swimming pool repair Sydney. Epotec epoxy paint for concrete Sydney has similar actions in fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools and marblesheen and pebblecrete finished concrete swimming pools.

Waterproofing fiberglass swimming pools also come under epoxy paint uses Sydney.



Apart from functional point of view, epotec also scores well in terms of aesthetics because it is available in a range of colours and textures.

Get full proof waterproofing with epoxy paint Sydney

Swimming pools of all sizes and types whether in domestic households or commercial establishments require waterproofing to maintain their structural integrity. A strong and durable waterproofing solution is required for swimming pools for long term protection against pool water. Epotec epoxy paint Sydney is such a waterproofing solution developed for swimming pools. This is a solid paint with zero solvent content which provides flawless waterproofing for as much as 14 years. The paint coating remains unaffected by chemical content of the pool water and the UV rays of the sun.

Used for a variety of pools

The epoxy paint uses Sydney cover a plethora of swimming pool types including concrete and fiberglass swimming pools.

Concrete swimming pools- If you are going for concrete swimming pool construction Sydney, using epotec epoxy paint for waterproofing the inner surfaces is the best choice. Pool water makes its way through the inner surface of a concrete swimming pool in the absence of waterproofing. The water is detrimental to the steel reinforcements present in the structure of the concrete swimming pool and causes corrosion, concrete cancer and other types of damage. This leads to breakdown of the concrete swimming pool structure. By using epotec paint, such a scenario is avoided because water is unable to penetrate the concrete surface due to the presence of epotec coating. Upgrading the inner surfaces with epotec during concrete swimming pool repair Sydney in case of old swimming pools having some other type of waterproof finish is also recommended.

Concrete swimming pools with marblesheen finishing can also be waterproofed using epoxy paint for concrete Sydney. Marblesheen is a mixture of white cement and crushed marble chips which are used to give a finishing of 5-20 mm to concrete swimming pools. Marbelsheen finishing appears white with a smooth surface. This finish can get worn out with time and develop cracks, black stains, rust stains, etc. The marblesheen finish can also become soft or even detach completely from the concrete surface. In such cases, epotec paint is suitable for upgrading the swimming pool.

Pebblecrete is a mixture of selected pebbles and cement. It is also used for concrete swimming pool finishing. Damaged or worn out pebblecrete finishing can also be upgraded using epotec epoxy paint coating.

Thus, epotec is an efficient waterproof concrete swimming pool coating Sydney for all kinds of concrete swimming pools.

Fiberglass swimming pools- Fiberglass swimming pools feature an outer fiberglass shell made of fiberglass strands and resin and an inner surface with a finish called gel coat. Gel coat becomes non functional if it is damaged or worn out. Consequently, water starts leaking into the underlying structures of the swimming pool causing significant damage to the fiberglass shell. Epotec paint coating can be used to upgrade the damaged gel coat and restore the waterproofing function.

Fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools can also be waterproofed using epotec paint when the fiberglass lining breaks away or becomes weak due to a number of causes.



Thus, epotec is available for pool owners for waterproofing irrespective of the type of swimming pool they may own.

Epoxy paints for versatile uses

Epoxy is a commercially significant polymer used worldwide for miscellaneous applications. It is extensively used in construction and renovation of apartments. When your homes are painted, you can see experts applying epoxy glue and the epoxy primer on the walls. Epoxy paints are known for their insulation and adhesive properties. Epoxy resin floor coating is used for many Australian households.


 There are many independent contractors in Australia who provide epotec painting service. Epotec is resistant to scratch and UV rays. After curing,epotec pool paint leaves a shiny and easy to clean surface. It is one of the most durable paints. The usage of epoxy paints depends on climatic traits of a place. It has been used for over 30 years in Australian nations and for theme water park projects in the Asian country of Thailand.


Valuable properties of epoxy paints

Epoxy paints have many desirable traits inclusive of the following.

  1. Durability
  2. Versatility
  3. Insulation
  4. Adhesive nature
  5. Scratch resistance
  6. Ultraviolet resistance


Applications of epoxy paints

Epoxy finds several applications in many residential and commercial projects, especially in Australia. Epoxy paint is of great value for various parties like construction groups, maintenance managers, body corporate managers and DIY market.


Some of the applications are

  1. Floor design: Epoxy paints are used to provide highly durable concrete floor finishes. It is also seen as epoxy flooring in big apartments.
  2. Swimming pools: Epoxy paints are used in swimming pool construction in Sydney. It is used in concrete swimming pool repairs.
  3. Home painting: It finds vigorous application when our homes are painted, as epoxy glue and epoxy primer.
  4. Hybrid use: When it comes to domestic or large scale industrial setups, both epoxy flooring and epoxy coating can be applied over concrete.
  5. Airport: Besides, it is also seen in large commercial buildings like Sydney Airport.
  6. Renovation/ restructuring: Epoxy paints are used in renovation and polishing of swimming pools.



Methods of application of epoxy paint

Epoxy can best be applied by roller or brush. Epoxy paint accessories also include containers, stirrers, solvents, and rags.


Spray method: Epoxy paint is applied on a surface with compressed air or sprayed by the team of painting experts.

Roll and tip method: An expert painter applies Epoxy paint on walls with a roller. Once the roller is applied, the next process is a touch up using a fine bristle or foam brush.


Epotec is one of the best epoxy paints manufacturers. Epotec is resistant to scratch and UV rays. It is one of the most durable paints. After curing,epotec pool paint leaves a shiny and easy to clean surface.Epotec can suitably be immersed in water. It can be used for all swimming and spa pools. Epotec is used by industrial facilities on walls, floors, and machines. Epotecprovides many different customized products. One of them is EpotecHB, a multipurpose aqueous solution. There are many independent contractors in Australia who provide epotec painting service on contract.You can buy it directly from manufacturers too.