new life for your pool

How much paint do I need?

Please note:

  1. If your pool is “kidney” shaped, use average width (maximum + minimum width / divided by 2) for example if you maximum width is 5 meters and minimum width is 4 meters then you average width is (5+4)/2 = 4.5 meters.
  2. If you can’t work it out please call  us 0415171315 (Pasha)
  3. To convert from ft to meters please divide ft by 3.3, so if your pool is 25ft long then your pool length in meters 25/3.3=7.5 meters
  4. If your pool was sandblasted or is to be sandblasted please use marblesheen coverage in our calculation table.
  5. Each order will include additional charge for supply of thinners 4ltr for your application $55.00 inclusive of GST

* For porous or rough surfaces we recommend a sealer – WB Sealer – one coat.