All about epotec pool paint for swimming pools

Posted on 16/04/2018 by pasha

Epoxy paint is widely used in workshops, paint shops, concrete floors, etc. However, the general epoxy paint cannot be used in swimming pools for waterproofing. The epotec pool paint is a special pool grade epoxy paint which has been specifically manufactured to provide waterproofing to inner surfaces of swimming pools. The epotec epoxy pool paint does not degrade inside water nor is affected by chemicals. It provides a smooth surface which effectively prevents water penetration. Epotec is much superior as compared to chlorinated rubber paint and rendered finishes. What kinds of swimming pools are suitable? Fiberglass and concrete swimming pools are ubiquitous in both domestic households and other establishments. Therefore, epotec epoxy paint has been designed for waterproofing both the types of swimming pools. Epotec is the best waterproofing choice for concrete swimming pool construction Sydney. The steel reinforcements of a concrete swimming pool must be protected from water and finishing the inner surface of the pool with epotec pool paint is recommended to achieve it. Epotec coating does not allow water in either liquid form or vapour form to pass through it. Thus, the steel reinforcements never come in contact with water. Epotec concrete swimming pool paint Sydney is also suitable for concrete swimming pools lined with fiberglass or finished using pebblecrete or marblesheen. Epotec can also be used for fiberglass pool resurfacing if the gel coat suffers from osmosis spots, algae growth, black spots and other kinds of damages. Gel coat is the inner surface of a fiberglass swimming pool and upgrading a damaged gel coat with epotec paint restores its waterproofing ability. Application Mixing epotec is the first step before application. Epotec pack consists of two cans. The hardener is contained in a 500ml can while the resin is present in a 4 litre can. The hardener must be put in the can containing resin. Thereafter, both need to be mixed properly using a plastic hand mixer. The mixing process does not require more than 2-3 minutes. The mixture then needs to be allowed to stand for 10 minutes. The paint can be applied using rollers or brushes. The paint must be applied evenly because the thickness of the coating determines its life. Professional workmen are available for the task. Prior to application, the following things must be ensured.

  • Absolutely clean surface with no trace of dirt, oil, fat or other contaminants.
  • Smooth surface devoid of worn out or rough areas.
  • The surface must not be moist.
The surface must be cleaned with water or detergent prior to application. Acid must never be used for cleaning the surface. Other information The epotec epoxy paint prices Sydney depends upon the type of the swimming pool and the finishing along with dimensions of the swimming pool such as length, width, depth and volume. If you opt for professional workmen for application then you need to spend more as compared to DIY applications. There are many types of epotec epoxy paint colours Sydney such as sky blue, tasman blue, opal, glacier white, chamois, aqua and many more.     Epotec epoxy paint is a blend of efficient waterproofing, durability and attractive colours and designs. Thus, it is an excellent option for pool waterproofing.

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