There are small number of  pools  constructed with a reinforced concrete shell that have been lined with a fiberglass layer. The fiberglass layer is often applied some time after construction  and also when the fiberglass layer was applied soon after construction as part of the original design.

The main issues with such pools is that fibreglass eventually dis-attaches from concrete leaving exposed concrete unprotected dirt and algae.  Also good and solid liners would show signs of wearing off in steps and shallow part if the pool like all fibreglass pools do. 

Epotec has been supplied to a number of such pools. 

Preparation of such surfaces is very important part of successful application. 

The condition of the fiberglass is what you need to inspect very carefully. A little worn in some places where you can see fibreglass (clear brown with visible fibers), but still well attached, this makes it quite straight forward to deal with. However usually we find that there will be areas where it’s completely worn through and may be missing larger pieces. Also there may be areas where it’s still continuous membrane but has become unattached to the concrete below. Any moldy and general dirty areas can be easily addressed as part of the surface preparation.

Many issues will not be easily understood until the pool is empty.

Such pools are prepared with attention to details, We will provide you with a guide and talk you through the process of preparation. 

Fibreglass lined concrete pool

Fibreglass lined concrete pool

There are very complex states of lined pools that will require considerable investment to fix. So proper inspection of a professional would be the best start. Our experience tells us that most contractors would not touch badly damaged lined pools due to complexity of the project.  In any case. Take your time do your research.  

If you need further guidance contact Hitchins TechnologiesPty Ltd

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