Pool coatings


You can resurface your pool by doing it yourself and we will support you all the way through. Lots  of professionals Australia wide who can do it for you too.

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If your pool is:

  • Impossible to keep clean
  • Being attacked by algae
  • Has cracks, stains and looks dirty
  • Harsh on your skin
  • Difficult to keep chemical balance
  • Old paint faded and patchy

The coating we supply will make your life much easier and like thousands of other pool owners who have used our product in the past, you can do it yourself.  This is the most advanced coating ever been manufactured for the Australian market. We have full confidence that if it is applied for well-prepared surface  will give you durable , smooth highest quality finish. 

No matter where you are in Australia ; North or South, East or West. We will suggest you the best option with choice of few great products available for pools. 

Join  other pool owners who have restored their old unappealing “health hazards” into a beautiful swimming architectural feature.

 swimming pool before resurfacing
A tired and neglected swimming pool

Pool paints we supply provide you with a great choice of attractive colours to enhance any pool. Your pool will come back to life again, add value to your property and enhance your swimming pleasure.  The product is a great solution for brand new concrete pools as well. 


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Pool resurfaced with epoxy swimming pool paint EPOTEC
Pool resurfaced with epoxy paint,  EPOTEC

Our paints have been used for:

  • Concrete (painted or not)
  • Marblesheen
  • Pebblecrete
  • Fibreglass (Painted or with original gelcoat)
  • Ex Vinyl Liner

The product  is:

  • Straight forward to apply
  • Has great durability
  • Seamless
  • Resistant to UV and chlorine attack
  • Low maintenance, 
  • Will significantly reduce your chemical bill!!

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[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]  Applied in accordance with our guidelines and looked after with our recommended maintenance,   will last for over 7 years. It slowly wears away and if applied thicker to withstand wear and tear,  it can last much longer.

For a complete pricing and info pack complete the FREE QUOTE form just below. 



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Prefer a Professional or Contractor?  No problem. We work with a network of applicators and companies Australia wide. You can also employ your local painter and we will provide all the necessary support to complete your project successfully. 

Need a Contractor?

Our website will provide you with a lot of helpful information to undertake a successful resurfacing by yourself. Always feel free to call us anytime for any assistance.

We look forward to working with you.