This is our calculator:

  •  1. Measure your pool length, width (average if not rectangular) plus depth at shallow and deep ends, in metres. You can ignore tiled areas.
HINT: A large step for average size person is one metre approx.
HINT: If working in feet, then divide feet by 3 to get metres.
HINT: Include the areas above the water line if required to be painted.
  • 2. Insert the Metre  figures into the top row of the table below.
  • 3. Read  the rounded number at the Total Packs Required, for the column that is for your pool surface type. eg Marblesheen.
HINT: For quartzon and similar use Pebblecrete columns.
  • 4 Take this TOTAL of Epotec HB  to the shopping cart.

Do I Need a Sealer?

  • * If your pool has a porous surface, such as Marblesheen, Abrasive Blasted Concrete, then we recommend the use of Epotec WB Sealer coat FIRST. See the row headed WB Sealer to determine the  amount you need.  Take this TOTAL to the shopping cart.  Generally for every 20 – 30 Sq M of surface allow ONE pack of Epotec WB Sealer.

Do I need Thinners?

  • Epotec has no thinners in the coating however you may need some for better application.  See the bottom row for the amount required. Take this  TOTAL to the shopping cart.  As a guide we recommend ONE, 1 litre tin for the total project. You might find it difficult to “cut in” and do some “spot priming”. 

By way of example an 8 x 4 M ( 1- 2 M deep)  Marblesheen pool has an area of 68 sq M. It will require 9 packs in total and should also have 2 Epotec WB Sealers, plus ONE 1 L thinners.

Please enter dimentions of your pool in Meters

  Length Width Shallow Deep area to paint
Type of pool surface Fibreglass Concrete Painted  Marblesheen Pebblecrete
1st Coat
2nd Coat
Total Packs Required
EPOTEC WB Sealer *  

To order please call us 1300 88 79 20 or fill in the quotation form and we get back to you shortly to process your request. 

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